Online Debates Are A Sign of Job Security

by jamieleonard

The fact that there are more and more lively online debates in our industry right now is a direct result of the confidence people have in their jobs.

Over the last few weeks I’ve witnessed some amazing arguments on the different social media outlets.  From ThirtyThreeGate, to The National Trust non-case study, people are not only feeling passionate about topics, they are getting vocal about it.

You see, when you know your company maybe making redundancies at some point, you have 2 real good reasons not to vocalise your opinions on something as public as a blog or Twitter.  A) You could offend your current company and make a real easy decision for them, or B) you could offend a potential future employer, and make a real easy decision for them.  If you’re in the position where you own the company, reason C) is because you may lose an existing or new client.  Also, it wasn’t long ago that people that blogged “had nothing better to do”.

To see these arguments rage on in the public domain tells me that people are feeling more confident about their jobs, which is a convincing green shoot if ever I saw one.